Talking Red Live

  • 04 Mar 23 at 9:30am to 5:00pm
  • Holiday Inn, Oxford, OX2 8JD
  • FREE for members
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Thousands of women struggle with common symptoms – such as heavy periods and frequent bruising – unaware they can ask to be tested for a bleeding disorder.

Living with a bleeding disorder can be challenging to manage and affects relationships, education and work. It can be lonely living with a condition that some people find hard to talk about.

No woman should go through this alone. Our yearly event, Talking Red Live, brings people together, share knowledge and experience to empower women to get the treatment and care they need. 

If you are a woman with a bleeding disorder, a carrier or a partner, this event is for you! There are excellent speakers on a range of relevant topics, but the event is also a brilliant opportunity to come together with other affected women and girls to share experiences and talk about issues that affect you.

Save the date and come join us in March 2023.

Refreshments and lunch are included.

Tickets are FREE on Eventbrite from 1 December 2022.

Join our community and get everyone Talking Red.