Help us ensure everyone with a bleeding disorder can become a part of our community

We all know that living with a bleeding disorder isn’t always easy. Often, we are learning by doing, making mistakes and asking questions. However, when you are living with a rare condition, it’s sometimes hard to find people who understand and share your experience. 

For many people living with a bleeding disorder, a sense of isolation is something that they often feel. And not having those people with similar experiences to connect with can make this feeling worse. 

A gift from you will help us continue to reach even more people in the UK with a diagnosed bleeding disorder, so that everyone can be part of our community, and no one need feel isolated.  Through our events, local groups and online resources, available free to our members, we can ensure that people have a network through which they can meet like-minded people, share experiences, and establish lifelong connections. 

How your generosity could help us support more people

£10 could help us create an online members area, where people from our community can virtually connect and share their stories. 

£25 could pay for one person to attend an information day, where they can meet other members of the community.

£50 could help cover the cost for one child to take part in an activity at Youth Camp, where they can make life-long friendships. 

£100 could help to pay for one local group activity day, where people from the region can meet families with common experiences.  

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