Annual Reports

To find out about The Haemophilia Society’s funding and activities in previous years, please read our annual reports:

Annual Report 2023
Annual Report 2022
Annual Report 2021
Annual Report 2020
Annual Report 2019
Annual Report 2018
Annual report 2017
Annual report 2016
Annual report 2015
Annual report 2014
Annual report 2013
Annual report 2012
Annual report 2011
Annual report 2010

The Haemophilia Society receives funding from a range of organisations and like many charities working in the healthcare sector some of that funding comes from pharmaceutical companies. As per clause 27 of the 2016 ABPI code all sponsorship or funding from pharmaceutical companies is declared and it is made clear as to who is supporting the programmes. The details of funding of individual projects can be found on the company websites as per clause 27.7 of the ABPI code.

The Archer report including a recommendation that the Government should ‘secure the future of the UK Haemophilia Society by adequate funding’.

As a result the Department of Health provided a grant of £100,000 per year for 5 years finishing in 2013/14 to help us provide services to our members. We no longer receive any Government grants.